The Religious Side To Wiccan Love Spells

The Religious Side To Wiccan Love Spells

This short article spells it out as best as possible. It is a brief overview to the religious side of wiccan love spells. It is designed to help bring about a better appreciation of the wicca religion in today’s overwhelmingly secular times. There are popular religions that many seem to be following but are they really. Many people have simply given up going to places of worship altogether. The nice thing about the wicca religion is that there is no indoctrination.

Your place of worship can and will be any place on this your mother’s earth. Perhaps the most important place of worship for you should you wish to embrace this religion would be your very own soul. This means, of course, you could be worshipping your mother god anywhere, any place and any time. It is not done as often as you would imagine but members of a wicca coven do make a spiritual point of communing with nature.

They go deep into the forest and surround themselves with the great fir trees. The darkness that engulfs them does not cause any fear in their hearts. It is not so much the bright fire that keeps them warm but more to do with the complete realization that mother earth is looking after them. And while she is doing this, higher powers out there are helping her. As they say, the Wicca religion is as old as the hills. During the earlier years of the twentieth century, the religion enjoyed something of a modern revival.

Knowledgeable men and women were talking in hushed tones about this being one of the youngest religions on the earth. But is it really? If you must truly appreciate the religion, all its practices and rituals, including its customary love and money spells, then you must know that Wicca is thousands of years old. In fact, you could go all the way to the beginning of time as humankind came to know it. Because is it not all true.

Is it not true that men and women have been worshiping the moon and the stars, and the sun, since the beginning of time? Religious fundamentalists like to frown on this today. Some of them are so crazy that where they have the power to do so they are more than willing to punish those that worship in the pagan manner as heinously as possible. Speaking of paganism, there is no doubt that the Wicca religion is a pagan one.

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In fact, Wicca devotees and practitioners are more than willing to acknowledge this. It is fundamental to their religion in any case. Interestingly, those who rule over the world’s popular religions are not ready to acknowledge that their world order is governed and influenced by paganism and all its rituals and dogmas. They will not even acknowledge that similar practices of spell casting are taking place on the sidelines of religion. Historically, Wicca has always been true to itself.